21 November 2010

Shop Front (Car Crash) Project

Well the project was to Illustrate a shop front, preferably one you like, but I thought it be kool to have a car upside down in it somewhere.
Initial Ideas.
Just purchased some water colours, always been a bit unsure about them, below is my attempt.
Struggling to get a true perspective.
Started the image larger so that I could zoom and crop later.
At the moment I feel more comfortable drawing in pencil to add the structural details to this image.
I was going to paint in colour, but I wasn't feeling it.

The Final Piece.

Everyone's shop windows Illustrations.
The top one is Dan's http://daniel-duncan.blogspot.com/

1 comment:

  1. It's an interesting portrayal of a car accident. It almost seems common for a car to crash through the wall, and it's often not a pretty sight in real life. Anyway, it's a nice picture; it might be nice to add a few skid marks on the road to make the car crash more colorful.

    Alecia Longsworth