25 October 2011

Bowler Hat Portrait

The reference picture I used had a watermark in a spiral shape in the centre of the face which made it awkward to match colours annoyingly, should of noticed it earlier to prevent problems, or I should start making an effort to start taking my own photographs.

23 October 2011

Shopping with Mum

Oil Portrait (First time painting from a photo not pc monitor)

It was a lot easier to reproduce the colours from the photograph, I've only painted from a computer monitor which I don't think is good for starting out, ultimately I want to be painting from life, got a self portrait in the works at the moment.

Portrait of Dad

Second attemp at painting my Dad, below is my first attempt when just getting started with painting, looks a bit mad.

This was painted back in May 2010, one of the flaws with this painting was not enough yellow used.

23 September 2011

Ipad Paintings

Got the chance to play with Sketchbook Pro on my brothers Ipad, these are the paintings I did of him.