7 October 2008

A few little drawings

This one above I duplicated the painted part twice an messed around with a few blending options and gave it some noise as well, giving it a more traditional look :D.

30 September 2008

An unfinished mood board

Needs a few more real objects into it, looks a bit crazy. What do you think???

21 September 2008


Version 1.0 /\

Version 1.1 /\

Version 1.2 /\

I know I shouldn't be spending ages on front covers but I just love making them look pretty, and I want it to be perfect :D

20 June 2008

Existing Products

This was done using Ps and using my Graphics Tablet to write and draw over the images.>

Year 12 Mood board

This was done using Ps CS3, alot of layers and alot of tweaking. Most of the pictures used are from Flickr.

17 June 2008


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