10 February 2011

Captain Kidd not Captin Kidd

Yer, I made an error only pointed out to me while handing in the work, captain not capTIN...

Anyway here's de old work.

 I used Stevie as referenced and just made up the simple hat and beard.

I was heading towards this style of movie poster, I freakin love painterly style movie posters, it should be done way more, especially with James Bond, found this amazing blog that shares my same feelings http://illustrated007.blogspot.com/

Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden

Got given a text to Illustrate, found it hard to come with initial ideas, but it all came together at the end thankfully.

Not feeling to great with my current thumbnails, I thought it be kool to have a guy drowning in words, which changed to more falling through letters. The video above helped and is brillant animation, by Diego Maclen!

Smoke Filled Room

First of the quick fire project, Illustrate a smoke filled room, the final image would be only 3cm by 7cm.

First few thumb nails I hadn't realised what the meaning of a smoke filled room meant, as soon as I knew, I had Dr.Strange love in my head.

Should of spent longer really, didn't use any reference, except for holding my hand out with a chunky marker pen.

Remote Timer Test

Using my new £10 timer and my £11 tripod! I took pictures every 30 seconds for about 6 hours I think?

Remote Timer Test from ALEKADZIE on Vimeo.

Particle C4D

Haven't  played around with Cinema 4D for at least 2 years, but Im back into it now, I enjoy fiddling around with it so much, not sure what Ill do but here is little particle test, and I tried to make some kind of audio on Fruity Loops.

Particle from ALEKADZIE on Vimeo.

2 February 2011

Photo's On My Wall

Photo's On My Wall from ALEKADZIE on Vimeo.
Auto focus goes a bit mental.

Boat Attempt In After Effects

First proper go at animating stuff in After Effects, took one image from my sketchbook to make this, shown below.

One Day Project: Black and White from ALEKADZIE on Vimeo.
See the finished piece!
These drawings can be found here from the original blog post http://alekadzie.blogspot.com/2010/10/illustrate-how-black-triumphs-over.html