3 November 2010

Illustrator and Blowing Up my Drawing

Getting introduced to Illustrator, I liked how you could make abstract shapes and find new ones within them as its all lovely vector based. But I dont really see myself using Ai for anything serious, Ps all the way for me I think.
Some of these I feel look powerful in some kind of way, maybe I because I find some of these scary.
Was supposed to work on our kingsgate show drawings, couldnt think of much to do so I did this to pass some time.
More silly shapes, but I like them.
This is my drawing that got scanned in at 1600dpi previously shown in a later post (here)
This is it printed out with the original sketchbook above it for the example for the class, for some reason my tutor Andrew thought I deserved a round of applause ha. He's also now turned it into a poster for the Kingsgate gallery show too, not seen it yet but I will defaintly will be showing it here when I can.
This is from yesterday on the train home, I felt I couldnt really draw the people in front of me, the other faces are people from the station playtform.


  1. Love your illustrator stuff. Brilliantly random. It's a great programme, but, like you, I am a photoshop addict.

    Great work.

  2. Your work is great!
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    Many Thanks