21 November 2010

Inspirational Art to Look Down at Me

I was trying to look for a company that would print posters for cheap, but it was too expensive I found. So I used Snap Fish to print about 200 for 18 pounds and using photoshop to chop images to collage a larger poster size (There is more photos here from my last batch).
I decide to keep them flat.
This is the 200 photos all layed out in my room, I was surprised with the amount of space taken up already.
I was originally going to blue-tack each image individually, but going to purchase more card to spray mount onto, to save time and to prevent the pictures from curving outward.
The art work I have here is a mixture of concept art, old Illustrations and oil paintings of what I think is top notch stuff.
With all this amazing art work looking down at me, it will help to compare my work to it and too improve constantly.

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