8 December 2010

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4 December 2010

Inky Ink

Im using this pen to help me get in the habit of producing less lines when drawing, to make me think more about the line shape and angle ect.
It was a bit annoying but is defiantly worth doing and I will be doing more this weekend.

Grabbed all this images from Google

Snow in Barnet
More Ink Drawings coming this weekend, but this time 1950s related for the Book Illustration Project.

Looking For Faces

Finding it hard to find free good reference photo's of people. This site is pretty good http://www.characterdesigns.com/ and also http://www.photo-reference-for-comic-artists.com this is really good but you have to pay.

So these sketches are all just from sites I've mentioned above and good old google images.

24 November 2010

Edgware Road Exhibition

It was kool to have my drawing used as the poster for the exhibition.Check out the original drawing here
I like the look of this one.
This one was done using a laser cutter, it sold as you can see it got a red sticker.
My Piece was behind the drinks.
Dan Duncan's
One of my tutors Martin Ursell
The labels on the beers came off very easily.
I enjoyed the exhibition with everyone's different approaches to it and I look forward to many more.
This was probably my favourite.
The Exhibtion is open daily till 28th November 12:00-18:00 www.ispycamden.com

Kingsgate Gallery
110-116 Kingsgate Road

An Interesting Life Drawing Model

I wasn't expecting this in the morning.
Looking over everyone's work, with our tutor.
He started falling asleep a few times here.
He was a kool guy, was a bit funny how he wondered around naked looking at our work after we all finished.
I think we have him again next week.

21 November 2010

Shop Front (Car Crash) Project

Well the project was to Illustrate a shop front, preferably one you like, but I thought it be kool to have a car upside down in it somewhere.
Initial Ideas.
Just purchased some water colours, always been a bit unsure about them, below is my attempt.
Struggling to get a true perspective.
Started the image larger so that I could zoom and crop later.
At the moment I feel more comfortable drawing in pencil to add the structural details to this image.
I was going to paint in colour, but I wasn't feeling it.

The Final Piece.

Everyone's shop windows Illustrations.
The top one is Dan's http://daniel-duncan.blogspot.com/