31 October 2010

Painting Faces

This painting is very small, you can probably tell from the grain of the canvas, Im using sheets of pre-primed canvas. With these sheets I have made a Japanese Binded book, you can see how that turned out in one of my later post here.
When starting the painting I found it helped to quickly sketch out in a thin brown wash the features of the face. I dont usually do this, I normally start off in one area and spread out hoping for the best.
My acrylic red goes very orange when you add white, making it hard to get his pink rosey cheeks.
Did this portrait a while ago, at the time I was struggling to get a natural skin tone as it looks very purple. I spent ages on the nose, well to be honest I took far too long to do this painting, have a look how I did it below.

This was my early stages of painting faces, you can see it looks very purple, all I need to do was to include more yellow.

More paintings soon to come!

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  1. this is such a cool idea. maybe it took you so long coz yr on yr blackberry for half of it aha. hope yr emjoyin uni!