31 October 2010

From Edgware Road to The Kingsgate Show (Reportage)

Reportage Project, need to produce two images capturing the vitality of one of Londons main highways.
The finished work will be put before the judging panel for the kingsgate show, with the possibility that it may be framed and ehibited in a public gallery.

New Sketchbook
Marble Arch
Alex took this, the shop keeper didnt understand that Alex wanted a picture of him. http://errantdog.blogspot.com/
I usaully feel scared to take pictures of people directly near them, but I think drawing in public spaces has helped.
Stood on the corner of the busy street.
Was getting annoyed that I couldt really lock on to anyone to draw from.
Stood under the bridge out of the rain, need to invest in some gloves.
I was happy with this page, I managed to knock out some simple faces in a very crowded station platform.
A few of these were people sat right in front of me.


I have 10 more shots like these, I am going to try some paintings and quick drawings from these which I shall post later on tonite.

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