30 May 2011

Thekla - My First Short (Hopefully)

This project is driving me bonkers, but I love it.

The story is a page from Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

At the bottom of the post is the text "Thekla".

Above, I even made a logo
Figuring out depth of field and motion blur.

Camera Tracking with Depth of field, this took so many attempts to understand how to get this to work. The depth of field from the DLSR freaks the camera tracking software out (Boujou).

My next attempt I will use my racing wheel to input more natural behaviours.
Most of these model people are waiting for the train, but with acrylic paint there Thekla workers, I may dab a spot of red on each of them for the Thekla Logo.
An attempt with FIMO Clay, this guy will be one of the Architects.
4D Model shop.
I had a strange feeling that I had been here before when arriving at the 4D Model shop, Children Of Men.
These are for the sets.
I got my images from many sources, some people may see their work in here, hope they don't mind, ha.

More to come.


Those who arrive at Thekla can see little of the city, beyond the plank fences, the sackcloth screens, the scaffoldings, the metal armatures, the wooden catwlks hanging from ropes or supported by sawhorses, the ladders, the trestles. If you ask "Why is Thekla's construction taking such a long time?" the inhabitants continue hoisting sacks, lowering leaded strings, moving long bruses up and down, as they answer "So that it's destruction cannot begin." And if asked whether they fear that, once the scaffoldings are removed, the city may begin to crumble and fall to pieces, they add hastily, in a whisper, "Not only the city." 
If, dissatisfied with the answers, someone puts his eye to a crack in a fence, he sees cranes pulling up other cranes, scaffoldings that embrace other scaffoldings, beams that prop up other beams. "What meaning does your construction have?" he asks. "What is the aim of a city under construction unless it is a city? Where is the plan you are following, the blueprint?" 
"We will show it to you as soon as the working day is over; we cannot interrupt our work now," they answer.
Work stops at sunset. Darkness falls over the building site. The sky is filled with stars. "There is the blueprint," they say.


  1. It is good design. It is a great project. Good luck. mukup!!!!!!!

  2. Out standing progress you've made! -I'm really looking forward to this project. :)

  3. holy moly... this is looking like it's going to be ridiculously immense. good luck putting it all together!

    also, i freaking LOVE the weird format photos you've gon on your blog. did you just stitch them together in photoshop?

  4. Mukup - Cheers dude, its a good book Invisible Cities.

    Lance - Thanks, hopefully it'll be done in a couple of months.

    Alex - Ha thanks Alex, which photos are you on about?

  5. that crazy, 180 shot of the two buildings. it's nuts!

  6. Yep did it Photoshop, here's a different out come http://www.flickr.com/photos/adamclague/5789998586/in/photostream