23 January 2011

New Camera, New Videos.

Really enjoying using this new camera (Canon EOS 550D)

Last few days Ive been testing (messing about) with the camera, check em out...

Canon 550D from ALEKADZIE on Vimeo.
Annoying the cats.


Music: Junior85 - As It Happens pt 5
Canon 550D Train Platform from ALEKADZIE on Vimeo.
New Barnet Platform.

Took about 2 hours to record, edit and export.

Music: Henry Picard - An Outstandi by Hogan Grip

Sainsbury's Init from ALEKADZIE on Vimeo.
Took the camera to local super market, didnt really plan on making a video, I guess I just enjoy chopping stuff up.

More constructive stuff will later arrive.

Music: Sound Directions - The Funky Side Of Life
01 Directions
02 Dice Games
03 Wanda Vidal

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